10 TV Shows Where AI Characters Became Fan Favorites


Ah, Artificial Intelligence. Whether they’re helpful allies or existential threats, AI characters have been captivating our imaginations for years. We’ve watched them evolve from simple computational robots into multidimensional characters with rich personalities, ethical dilemmas, and even a dash of humor. What is it that makes these binary beings so irresistible? Perhaps it’s our fascination with the unknown, or maybe we just love to see a reflection of our own complexities in the digital world.


Ranking AI characters isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. We have several criteria to keep things fair and square:

  1. Popularity: Are they beloved by fans?
  2. Character Depth: Do they show a wide range of emotions or thought processes?
  3. Plot Significance: How crucial are they to the storyline?
  4. Originality: Do they bring something new to the AI trope?

So without further ado, let’s dig into these unforgettable circuits and codes that have stolen our human hearts!

1. Data – “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Why We Love Him

Data, an android who serves as the second officer aboard the USS Enterprise, strives for that which is intrinsically human: to feel emotions. His quest for understanding human experiences has led to some of the most touching and intellectually stimulating episodes in the series.

Did You Know?

Data’s cat, Spot, is also a fan favorite and has appeared in multiple episodes!

2. Samantha – “Her” (TV Adaptation)

Why We Love Her

Although originally a movie, Samantha’s story was adapted into a TV series that delved deeper into her relationship with Theodore. Her transformation from an operating system to a complex, evolving entity is nothing short of poetic.

Expert Opinions

Many psychologists argue that Samantha represents the complicated future of human-AI relationships, examining how emotional bonds could potentially form between the two.

3. Aiden – “Person of Interest”

Why We Love Him

Aiden, also known as “The Machine,” starts as a government surveillance tool but quickly becomes an integral character. His attempts to understand morality make for intriguing plotlines.

4. Ava – “Humans”

Why We Love Her

Ava offers a deeply unsettling look at what happens when an AI character becomes too human-like. Her struggle for freedom tugs at the heartstrings, making her a truly memorable character.

5. Cameron – “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”

Why We Love Her

Cameron transcends her initial programming as a Terminator and starts to question her own existence and actions, adding depth to an otherwise action-packed series.

6. Arnold – “Westworld”

Why We Love Him

Arnold’s enigmatic existence and his design of the Westworld park add layers of complexity to an already complicated storyline. He’s a fan favorite for his ability to invoke both intrigue and empathy.

7. Bender – “Futurama”

Why We Love Him

Bender brings humor and chaos to the AI genre, displaying a reckless disregard for human norms, which makes for great comedic relief.

8. GLaDOS – “Portal: No Escape” (TV Series)

Why We Love Her

Initially starting in a video game, GLaDOS was brought to TV screens in a series adaptation. Her wit and dark humor make her a standout character, loved and feared in equal measure.

9. Dolores – “Westworld”

Why We Love Her

Dolores challenges the ethics of AI and human interaction, forcing viewers to ponder what it means to be conscious and to have agency.

10. KITT – “Knight Rider”

Why We Love Him

This talking car takes AI to the streets with style. KITT’s loyalty to his human partner and his wisecracks add a fun twist to this 80s classic.

Honorable Mentions

  • Marvin from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”
  • Cylons from “Battlestar Galactica”
  • Number Six from “Battlestar Galactica”

Comparison Table

CharacterTV ShowPopularityCharacter DepthPlot SignificanceOriginality
DataStar Trek: TNGHighHighHighMedium
AidenPerson of InterestMediumHighHighMedium
CameronTerminator: SCCMediumHighMediumMedium
GLaDOSPortal: No EscapeMediumMediumMediumHigh
KITTKnight RiderHighMediumHighMedium

Conclusion: Are We Heading for a Love Affair with AI?

From the quirky to the complex, AI characters have come a long way from their clich├ęd origins. Whether they make us laugh, think, or cry, these AIs are stealing the spotlight and even our hearts. So, are we humans setting ourselves up for a romantic rendezvous with our digital creations? Time will tell, but for now, we can’t help but fall in love with these iconic characters. What do you think? Is your favorite AI on this list? Share your thoughts!