7 AI Sidekicks Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Movies


Picture this: you’re engrossed in a sci-fi blockbuster, and suddenly, an AI sidekick pops up, delivering a line so epic, it almost steals the show. Why do these computerized characters have such an allure? Perhaps it’s their mix of human-like qualities and superhuman abilities. It’s high time these unsung heroes got their own starring roles. This extended listicle celebrates 7 AI sidekicks who deserve not just a standing ovation but their own spin-off movies.

Criteria for Ranking

We’re not just picking any whimsical AI that made us chuckle or saved the day once or twice. No, our criteria are far more rigorous. We’re evaluating them based on:

  • Charm & Wit: The charisma and humor they bring to the screen.
  • Complexity: Their depth, including ethical dilemmas they face and how they evolve.
  • Utility: How essential they are to the main plot and the protagonist.
  • Spin-Off Potential: Their backstory, unresolved questions, and potential for further development.

1. Jarvis from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Man Behind the Machine

Before becoming Vision, Jarvis served as Tony Stark’s personal assistant, managing everything from household chores to Iron Man’s armor. His duality as a simple assistant and a complex individual with evolving intelligence makes him a prime candidate for a spin-off.

Expert Opinions: Robert Downey Jr. has mentioned that Jarvis’ role as a ‘digital Alfred’ adds layers of complexity, which would be fascinating to explore in a standalone film.

Did You Know?: Jarvis was initially intended to be a human butler in the comics before being adapted as an AI for the MCU.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

Imagine a prequel that dives into Jarvis’ creation and early years, revealing how he became an indispensable part of Tony Stark’s world. A thriller element could involve Jarvis thwarting cyber-attacks or even an AI uprising, all while maintaining the Stark household.

2. TARS from Interstellar

More than Just a Robot

TARS’ sarcasm and quick wit were unexpected delights in a movie that often delved into complex scientific theories. His utility in various missions and adaptability in crises make him an indispensable crew member.

Expert Opinions: Matthew McConaughey mentioned in interviews that TARS added an unexpected but welcome layer of humor to the tense atmosphere of Interstellar.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

A spin-off could explore TARS’ initial programming and training within NASA, his experiences during other space expeditions, and his interactions with various astronauts before joining the Endurance mission.

Did You Know?: TARS’ name doesn’t stand for anything; Christopher Nolan thought it sounded like a military acronym and left it at that.

3. BB-8 from Star Wars

The Droid with a Heart

BB-8’s charm lies in its simplicity—a rolling droid with a series of expressive beeps. It’s a loyal companion to Poe Dameron and later Rey, playing a crucial role in the Resistance’s fight against the First Order.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

How about a movie that delves into the creation of BB-8? Or perhaps one that follows BB-8 on a solo mission where the stakes are just as high but the scale is more intimate?

Did You Know?: BB-8 was puppeteered by Brian Herring, who had to wear a green suit to be edited out later.

4. Samantha from Her (2013)

More than Just a Voice

Samantha captivated audiences not just with her relationship with Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Theodore, but also with her journey towards self-awareness and the digital plane of existence she eventually chooses over human interaction.

Expert Opinions: Film critics have praised the character for raising ethical and philosophical questions about the nature of consciousness and the future of human-AI relationships.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

A spin-off could delve deeper into the “post-Samantha” world. How do people react when their AI companions suddenly evolve beyond them? What adventures or existential journeys does Samantha undergo in the digital realm?

Did You Know?: Samantha was originally not going to have a human-sounding voice, but the producers felt it was essential for the emotional connection.

5. Data from Star Trek

The Android Who Wanted to be Human

Data’s quest for understanding human emotions has been a recurring theme across multiple Star Trek series and movies. His multiple abilities, from super-strength to an encyclopedic knowledge base, make him an invaluable crew member.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

A spin-off could explore Data’s earlier years in Starfleet, focusing on how he copes with being the only android among humans and his journey towards earning his crew’s respect.

Did You Know?: Data has a “brother” named Lore, who serves as his nemesis in the Star Trek universe.

6. WALL-E from WALL-E (2008)

The Lonely Garbage Collector

WALL-E’s life on a deserted Earth, collecting trash and watching old musicals, was unexpectedly poignant. His eventual meeting with EVE and journey to the Axiom ship added dimensions to his character.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

A prequel could explore WALL-E’s early days on Earth, focusing on how he developed his personality by interacting with remnants of human culture.

7. Cortana from Halo Series

The Digital Guardian Angel

Though primarily known from the Halo video game series, Cortana made a brief appearance in the animated series Halo: The Fall of Reach. Her character is pivotal in guiding Master Chief through various missions.

Potential Spin-Off Plot

Given her integral role and complex moral dilemmas, a movie could focus on Cortana’s creation and the ethical implications of using such an AI in warfare.

Did You Know?: Cortana’s character design was inspired by Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, and her name comes from a type of software in the Halo universe designed to infiltrate enemy systems.

Honorable Mentions

  • DUM-E from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Chip from Not Quite Human series
  • R2-D2 from Star Wars

The Sidekicks’ Time to Shine

There you have it—a comprehensive deep dive into AI sidekicks so fascinating that they deserve their own movies. So, which AI sidekick’s spin-off would you buy a ticket for on opening night? Let’s get the conversation rolling in the comments!