The 7 Coolest AI Sidekicks in Action Games


Ah, the thrill of action-packed video games! The adrenaline, the epic storylines, and… the AI sidekicks? Absolutely! These Artificial Intelligence companions are not just 1s and 0s. They bring personality, skills, and invaluable support to our gaming journeys. From cracking jokes to providing tactical advice, AI sidekicks have become as essential to action games as boss battles and epic loot. Let’s dive into the virtual realm and salute the coolest of the cool.


To make this list as awesome as the characters it honors, we’re ranking these AI sidekicks based on the following criteria:

  • Personality: A sidekick with flair who steals the show.
  • Utility: How helpful is this AI in helping you achieve your mission?
  • Story Integration: How well does the AI fit into the overarching narrative?
  • Memorability: Does this character leave an impression long after the game ends?

So, buckle up. Here’s our list of the coolest AI sidekicks in action games.

1. GLaDOS (Portal Series)

Personality: Sarcastic and darkly humorous
Utility: Offers complex puzzles
Story Integration: Central to the narrative
Memorability: Unforgettable

GLaDOS, or Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, turns the concept of a ‘helpful’ AI on its head. Far from aiding you directly, GLaDOS challenges you with mind-bending puzzles, all while serving a side of cutting sarcasm. Although your interaction starts on a sinister note, by the end of the series, GLaDOS evolves, adding layers of complexity to her character.

Did You Know?

The voice actress for GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, is also a trained opera singer.

2. Cortana (Halo Series)

Personality: Intelligent and empathetic
Utility: Provides strategic advice
Story Integration: Deeply woven into the story
Memorability: Iconic

Master Chief would arguably not be as effective without Cortana, his AI companion. Cortana helps navigate through the intricacies of war with the Covenant and the Flood. She’s not just a tool; she’s a character with her emotional arcs, grappling with AI “rampancy” as the series progresses.

Expert Opinion

According to Frank O’Connor, franchise development director at 343 Industries, Cortana was designed to be “a fully realized character who helps drive the story.”

3. BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

Personality: Literal and loyal
Utility: A walking tank
Story Integration: Your primary companion
Memorability: Endearing

BT-7274, or simply BT, is your Titan companion in “Titanfall 2.” Bound by protocols to protect you, BT’s conversations are refreshingly straightforward, often injected with unexpected humor.

4. Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

Personality: Curious and independent
Utility: Finds resources and opens ‘tears’
Story Integration: Essential
Memorability: Captivating

Though not an AI in the traditional sense, Elizabeth’s programmed behaviors are so complex and her role so integral to the game that she merits a spot on this list. She’s your constant companion and her ability to manipulate reality is a game-changer, literally.

5. Dog (Half-Life 2)

Personality: Playful and protective
Utility: A powerful combatant
Story Integration: Supports main characters
Memorability: Loved by fans

Dog is a customized robot built by Alyx Vance in “Half-Life 2.” He’s large, powerful, and programmed to protect. Despite not having dialogues, his actions speak volumes, making him one of the most beloved AI sidekicks in gaming history.

6. D-Dog (Metal Gear Solid V)

Personality: Loyal
Utility: Scouting and attacking
Story Integration: Optional but rewarding
Memorability: A dog with an eye-patch, need we say more?

D-Dog is not just eye-candy; his tracking abilities are unparalleled, making your missions much easier if you choose to befriend him.

7. Claptrap (Borderlands Series)

Personality: Annoyingly charming
Utility: Provides comic relief and missions
Story Integration: Often your first contact
Memorability: Unforgettable for better or worse

Claptrap units might not be the most useful companions, but they add a layer of humor and absurdity that enriches the “Borderlands” experience.

Honorable Mentions

  • Aiden from “Watch Dogs”
  • Quiet from “Metal Gear Solid V”
  • Atreus from “God of War”

Comparison Chart

CharacterPersonalityUtilityStory IntegrationMemorability

Conclusion: A Byte of Awesomeness

From mechanical hounds to sarcastic operating systems, AI sidekicks add an extra layer of zest to action games. They make us laugh, help us strategize, and sometimes, make us cry. So, who’s your favorite AI sidekick? Are there any you think deserve to be on this list? Let the debate begin!